Welcome to the 26th Infantry Regiment Association website.

We welcome as members all individuals who honorably served in, or are now serving in, the 26th Infantry Regiment, its battalions or attachments at any time since the Regiments organization in 1901. colors-flagClick on membership tab or icon for membership information and registration.

If you have pictures, articles or documents you want to share with other Blue Spaders go to the contact page or click here. We can also assist with archiving historical documents with the First Division Museum Cantigny.

The objectives of our Association are:

  • To honor and perpetuate the memory of those Soldiers of the Regiment who distinguished themselves by service and sacrifice.
  • To enable Soldiers serving in the 26th Infantry to know and appreciate their predecessors in order to enhance combat effectiveness, develop loyalty and commitment, foster an extended sense of belonging, improve unit esprit and institutionalize the war fighting ethos.
  •  To foster camaraderie among veterans of the 26th Infantry and their families.
  • To collect and display materials relevant to the Regiment’s past and to publish accounts of its accomplishments for the education of fellow members, the US Army, and the American people.
  •  To advocate the continuation on active duty of a color-bearing unit of the Regiment.
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“Let him bear the palm who has won it”


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