Once a Blue Spader, Always a Blue Spader

Membership in the 26th Infantry Regiment Association is governed by the members and described in our constitution and by-laws. Active Members:  All individuals who once honorably served in, or are now serving in, the 26th Infantry Regiment or its battalions or attachments at any time since its organization in 1901, shall be eligible for active membership.  Upon death of any active member, that member’s heirs shall be entitled to membership.  Minimum obligations for an active member are to maintain a current address with the Association, and to contribute to its undertakings. Exception to Membership:  No individual who has been dishonorably separated from the service shall be eligible for membership. We welcome Blue Spaders to join our Association.  You can apply for membership by filling in the automated membership form below and hitting send; or completing the hard copy version and mailing as indicated on the form. Membership Dues:  Members are expected to support the Association with either (1) an annual installment of $26 per year, due each January, payable to the “26th Infantry Regiment Association”, or (2) a one-time “life membership” payment of $250, or, for Active Duty Military tiered at $100 for E1 through E5; $150 for E6 through E9; $250 Warrant Officers and company Grade Officers; and $300 for Field Grade and General Officers.  Members whose dues are in arrears in excess of two years may be dropped from the roles of the Association.

Please mail in your membership form to the address below. You can include your check or pay via Pay Pal, Venmo or Cash App. If paying via Pay Pal use guy.brynt.parmeter@gmail.com as the email address to send payment. If you are making payment using Venmo, please use @Matt-Bartel-7. If you are making payment using Cash App, please use $MattBartel7. Make sure to give name, date, amount and purpose for payment on Paypal, Venmo or Cash App.

Please mail form to:
26th Infantry Regiment Association
875 Gip Manning Rd
Clarksville, TN 37042

You can also email saved form to either guy.brynt.parmeter@gmail.com or mgbartel@yahoo.com

Click link below to download a copy of the

26th INF RGT ASSN Membership Application Form