Infantrymen gather at Fort Knox for ceremony

FORT KNOX, Ky., – U.S. Army infantrymen often joke that the skies are blue because, ‘God loves the Infantry.’26th infantry

It was under those same skies that more than 800 Infantrymen with 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team gathered to case their unit colors during a ceremony at Fort Knox’s Brooks Field May 8. The ceremony symbolized the unit’s readiness for its upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, a deployment that has paired the 1st Bn., 26th Inf., Regt., ‘Blue Spaders’ with Special Forces units, with the mission of building stability throughout various Afghan villages. “The Last four times the Blue Spaders deployed, we fought in one hot spot of a country… this time we will fight in all of them at the same time,” said Lt. Col. William Jacobs, commander 1st Bn., 26th Inf. Regt. To ensure they maintain their honor and reputation, the 1st Bn., 26th Inf. Regt., has undergone months of rigorous training highlighted by multiple night air assault raids and numerous live fires exercises. “We have spent the past several months honing our skills at putting the wood to the enemy,” Jacobs said. “We can call for fire, integrate effects of attack aviation, fast moves and indirect fire simultaneously and when necessary we can render aid to keep each other alive until the MEDEVAC arrives.” During the ceremony Jacobs took a moment to share, with the Blue Spader spouses and attendees, what his unit is fighting for. “The Blue Spaders have a very long and honorable history. Our history is written not just in words but in our own blood and relentless pursuit of the enemy. We go where others will not and we do what others are afraid to do,” Jacobs added. “The honor and the history of the Blue Spaders is in our own hands. We owe it to those who have gone before us to maintain our honor and great reputation.” To read more of this article “click here“.

Article written by Sgt. Thomas Duval